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Knife Sharpening: Finally happy.

I got a Spyderco Sharpmaker set for Christmas and subsequently a set of ultra fine rods a while after. While I could get a serviceable edge, I could not get close to the shaving edge that I was dreaming of. I've been practicing, giving it a go, trying the recommended techniques and experimenting with different techniques off and on. Last Sunday, I was finally able to get the shaving edge that I've been working for. Wahoo!

What I've found that works for me. You mileage may vary.
  • Free hand sharpening works better for me than using the plastic stand/case that the Sharpmaker comes in
  • When touching up, I mostly just use a single ultra fine ceramic rod; may be more work this way, but it works
  • Getting used to feeling for the burr along the edge is important
  • Getting the angle, stroke and pressure right are important and something you've just got to learn through practice. I use a lighter touch as the sharpening nears completion.