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Review: SERE Black Ops V Cutter

This video from SnakeDr666 does a pretty good job of showing you what the V Cutter is and how to use it. The little V Cutter is purpose-built to give you a cordage slicer in a discrete, compact package. Sort of a miniaturized version of a seat belt or shroud cutter. It's not a knife, so it's non-permissive environment friendly - places where you can't legally carry a knife. It's compact enough to stash most anywhere, including the small elastic/nylon sleeve on OscarDelta's awesome paracord bracelets.

In my initial tests, I tried to use the V Cutter without a lanyard on it, which was a mistake. You DO need to get a good solid grip and put some muscle into the slicing. You can see it fairly clearly in the above video. With the V Cutter on its own, I struggled to get the grip/leverage needed in order to get through paracord. Adding a simple paracord lanyard to the V Cutter resolved the problem, and I was able to get it cutting through paracord with no problem - it works pretty well once you have a feel for it.

Aside from cordage slicing, the V Cutter also does a decent job opening up packages and light duty scraping/scratching/twisting. It doesn't have the versatility of a knife, but, as a standalone, it is more compact than most knife options, doesn't have any of the associated legal concerns and doesn't require a sheath for safe carry.

The need for some kind of lanyard/pull ring does compromise the size package a bit though - I would recommend stashing some kind of pre-cut cordage or a key ring with the V Cutter. Not an issue if the tool is normally riding on a keychain, survival necklace, etc. Potentially an issue if you're working with very limited space, like in a wallet survival kit. I suppose if you are using it to cut cordage, you can always just use a bit of that cordage to make a lanyard.

Anyways, check it out. It definitely falls into a bit of a niche-use item, but for a compact cordage slicer, it does a good job.

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