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Dave Canterbury on the 10 Piece Kit

Dave's posting up a few YouTube videos during the off season of Dual Survival, and he's gone into recapping his 10 Cs of survivability, which are core to the Pathfinder System.

Dave's 10 piece kit is a good combination of minimalism while still covering survival basics. It's fairly simple, flexible and relatively inexpensive to pull together. He's put a lot of thought into this kit, and you can see how it informs his work on Dual Survival. There is not a lot of redundancy and it is geared towards an emergency, self-reliance situation. On a planned excursion, you would obviously want to carry more gear - sleeping bag, shelter, food, etc.

These 10 pieces are a great guide in putting together survival and EDC kits; definitely keep them in mind.

Top 5
1. Fixed blade knife
2. Combustion device
3. Covering - some kind of shelter, tarp space blanket, etc. 
4. Container (preferably capable of boiling)
5. Cordage

Final 5
6. Cotton bandana
7. Compass
8. Headlamp or flashlight
9. Heavy duty needle
10. Duct tape

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