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Altoids Pocket Survival Tin

Here's one of my current Altoids-tin Pocket Survival Tins. This kit is pretty well equipped for such a small kit, and is geared towards off-grid survival. It's housed in the tin that comes with the Ritter RSK Mk-5. Click below for the contents.

Contents list:
  • Tin
  • Two ranger bands
  • Card wrapped with Gorilla tape
  • Ritter RSK Mk-5
  • Emergency water bag
  • 5 Tinder-Quik tabs
  • Two safety pins
  • Bundle of 150-lb dacron cord
  • 14mm button compass
  • 5/8 dram glass vial with water purification tablets
  • Firesteel blank with DIY lanyard
  • Hacksaw blade
  • Heavy duty sewing needle with kevlar thread
  • Streamlight Nano Light
  • Two small nails