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Thumbs up for Falling Skies

Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) is an AK man.
Caught the premiere of TNT's Falling Skies, starring the one guy from ER (Noah Wyle), the girl from Terminator Salvation (Moon Bloodgood) and a bunch of other people. Pretty cool show. Follows a group of survivors, post -invasion by a mysterious alien race. Humanity got their butts kicked and is now barely scraping by, hiding out, scavenging food and water and just trying to make it to the next day.

Plenty of action, at least in the two episodes shown during the premiere. Pretty decent characters and plotting too. Some good moments in these two episodes, setting up for what should be an interesting run. Next up looks to be an attempt to recover lost family members, turned in mindless zombie slaves by the aliens.

Production values are good. Special effects were decent enough; limited by a TV budget but fine. The "skitter" aliens were better than their walking mechs, I thought. Lots of blowing stuff up, which I always appreciate.

For us survivalist/gun fans, there's plenty of good content too. Everyone is well armed, with reasonable weapons and the show seems to have a decent awareness of firearms--Noah Wyle correct his son for calling magazines "clips". A Ma Deuce mounted to a GTO. IMFDB already has a pretty detailed breakdown of the armaments.

It's definitely a gritty, post-apocalypse survival show, but not an overly dark, hopeless, depressing one. Falling Skies has some heart, some focus on relationships, family and humanity, which I like.

But basically, tt's post-apocalypse resistance fighters vs. alien invaders. Ya, you need to tune in.