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How To: Adjust an OscarDelta Survival Bracelet

OscarDelta makes, in my opinion, the best paracord survival bracelets out there. Their latest generation of bracelets (Hybrid Kevlar Bracelet v10.2 Super 8 Mil-Spec Survival Bracelet) have a user adjustment feature that allows you to custom fit the bracelet with minimal hassle. It's a pretty easy process, which I've detailed in step-by-step photos below. I'll have a more details about the bracelets in an upcoming post, or you can read my review of a previous generation of OscarDelta's Hybrid Kevlar bracelet.

The bracelet shown is a rescue orange Super 8 survival bracelet.

Apologies to any dinosaur 56ker's out there. Upgrade, already!
Unpacking the Super 8. It comes in a big Deep Carry Tube.
The unpacked Super 8. See all the excess paracord? That's for adjustment. Place the bracelet on your wrist and then  tighten it down by pulling the excess through and expanding the top loop.
Adjusted to fit my wrist. Now there's all the excess paracord. How to get rid of it?
Pull the cord through the next set of loops and then move on down the bracelet.
I used a pen to help get the loops started.
Eventually, you get the excess loop to the end of the bracelet.
Now, see the two loose cord ends on the underside of the bracelet?
Pull the excess through.  Now you've got the adjusted bracelet, with the excess ready to trim. Almost done!
Trim the excess paracord on--probably wise to test-fit again to make sure your adjustments worked. Then seal the paracord ends with a lighter and you're done!
The final product, a custom-fit Super 8!