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OscarDelta Go Tubes

A lightweight survival kit based on the OscarDelta Go Tube
Like the Deep Carry Tubes before them, the OscarDelta Go Tube makes a great little survival tube at an affordable price. The difference between the DCT and the Go Tube is in the top cap - it has been redesigned to accommodate a loop. Both the top and end cap fit onto the Go Tube very snugly; they are NOT going to accidentally come off.

The Go Tube has an inside diameter wide enough to fit a CR123A battery snugly, and is tall enough to house about 2.5 CR123As. If you're into measurement, OscarDelta says the internal diameter is 16mm. Tall and skinny survival gear fits best - ferro rod blanks, sewing needles, birthday candles, matches, SparkLite lighters and that kind of thing. Rolled up cash works pretty well too.

I got together a few items together to put together an example survival kit based on the Go Tube. This kit is geared towards a more general urban survival/EDC type scenario.

The kit is attached to a stealth black ball chain, also available from OscarDelta.
Minus the light and Loco, the contents all fit into the tube. The Nano is small enough to fit into the Go Tube itself, but I did not have the adequate space with this load. You could also wrap some kind of tape around the tube quite easily. This setup is lightweight and no problem to carry.

A few other carry ideas:
  • Tinder tube: pack the Go Tube with PJ cotton balls, TinderQuick or whatever else is your chosen compact tinder. The Go Tube will keep it clean, organized and dry. Add a lighter or ferro rod to the necklace.
  • Match tube: Toss your matches and a striker board in here.
  • Spare parts kit: Use for your small, easy to lose and fragile spare pieces.
  • Cash stash: You can fit a healthy wad of cash in the Go Tube, greater than 10 bills.
  • Spare battery holder
If you're not interested in putting together your own kit, OscarDelta sells the Bug Out Go Tube, a pre-made kit with bug out essentials.

I'll have some more coming up about the Go Tube, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you want to pick one up, OscarDelta is, as usual, the place to go.