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Comment Repost: More About OC

Hey - got this great anonymous comment on the Cold Steel Inferno review I posted last week. Wanted to re-post it to give everyone a chance to read it:

"Used to be an O C instructor, I have some observations that might be of use... The short range problem is likely due to the small canister size and-or the Foam formulation. Generally foam is also more affected by wind, eye glasses, etc... It has to do with available vapors and diffusion. My guess is that for any foam, you need direct skin contact. Not so much needed with products that are more ready to diffuse. The foaming agent itself is attached to the o c crystals. Foam can be just as hot, it just tends to take longer to get hot. By the way, all Oc products do the same thing..... They provide a vehicle that delivers Oc crystals to the skin for absorption. The skin can only take in so much and so it can only Get So Hot, and that's it... The trick is to get him to maximum heat as fast as possible. There is little difference between 5 million and 2 million shu, in practical terms. So, what I a trying to say is that a 'spray' is betterthan foam generally because it will attack the respiratory system more effectively. Fogger even better, but will get everyone. My advice is this... Minimum size for Oc is 2 oz, no exceptions. Smaller units lack range, and more importantly can't put out enough product fast enough. Also, flip top or open top only. The others are too vulnerable to loss of fine motor skills in combat. Oil based products are all any civilian should consider.... The water based stuff is too cold and unnecessary unless you are using a taser and don't want to start a fire in the bad guys lungs. Almost any formulation that is better than 1.5 million shu will work fine. And don't test fire the unit you carry... The formula is dirty, will stick under the o ring in the head...6 months later, your propellant leaks out. Love your site! Read you tomorrow! "