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OscarDelta Releases Go Tubes

GoTubes from OscarDelta
I read that an upgrade of the Deep Carry Tube was in the works a while back, and have been looking forward to seeing what OscarDelta and SnakeDr666 came up with. Well, it's here, and as usual, it is a great evolution of the original design.

The original, the Deep Carry Tube.
I have several of the original DCTs, and like them quite a bit. I've got a couple in go bags serving as tinder containers. They are great, compact and simple little tubes for securing and protecting small kits and items. They seal up tight and proved to be water resistant during some informal testing.They have not found their way into my EDC rotation though, partly because there wasn't an easy way to attach them to something - key chain, necklace or whatever.

This redesign resolves that issue with a new top cap with an integral loop. This makes them the perfect, low cost solution a small survival or EDC tube. These will do the same job as an expensive Triple Aught Design survival capsule, titanium capsule and similar, at a fraction of the cost.

If you;d like to buy a pre-built kit that uses these tubes, OscarDelta also just released the Bug Out Go Tube, which includes a Photon Freedom, button compass, Folding Razor Saw and mini signal mirror. Pretty cool and a good deal.

OscarDelta comes highly recommended - they're great to work with. They are UK based, so prices on their website are listed in British Pounds. Prices include worldwide shipping.