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YouTube Video: Bond Arms Survival Kit

Thought this was an odd, misguided, and unintentionally comical take on a survival kit.

The description is especially amusing (emphasis is mine):

Trail Boss Host Steve Doran was asked to make up a survival kit to go along with the Bond Arms 45/410 Derringer, This video demonstrates what he did to make this happen. To include the addition of a .22 Barrel, to the Survival Equipment, back to school for people who love the outdoors, and the tactical elite

Tactical elite?

Ya, lots of Tier 1 operators have given up their M4s in favor of the Bond Arms derringer. Magpul is supposed to start offering a new line of accessories for the derringer - accessory rail, flashlight mount and red dot optic are in the works first. And heck, I've heard the Army Special Forces are dropping all of their survival gear in favor of the Bond Arms Tactical Lunch Sack of Elite Survival.

I mean, come on, what more do you need to survive than this? I mean, you've got a derringer, glow stick and a big yellow whistle. You're ready for any kind of crazy cowboy action shooting rave/dance party that you happen upon during your survival adventures.

Alright, enough funny stuff. 

Looking at this as an actual attempt to build a survival kit, I'm kind of at a loss for the thinking--if there was any--behind of most of the gear. Not even delving into the choice of a 23 oz derringer for a survival firearm, the rest of the kit is woefully inadequate. For example, why 2-3 pounds of gun, ammo and spare barrel but use a a micro survival tin? Really, it's smaller than an altoid kit. It's TINY. Why a full size compass and then a big whistle with another compass built in? Why a lightstick and not an actual flashlight or headlamp? Yikes. Why three kinds of ammo?

At first I thought the kit had no source of fire, but on closer inspection, the mini tin has a mini ferro rod and a single tab of QuickTinder. Yes, that's right, this big kit's only source of fire starting is a mini ferro rod inside the mini survival tin.

The bag that he's got the whole kit packed in has only a carrying handle, no shoulder strap, etc. You'd need to carry the thing around like a lunch bag or something - hence the Tactical Lunch Sack.

Bad, bad, bad. I could go on and you could too (go for it in the comments!), but I'll leave it at that.

This "kit" seems to be a bunch of generic survival stuff thrown together at random with the Bond Arms derringer. The components are definitely an almost comically bad use of size, weight and utility. Please do not do this when you put together an actual survival kit.