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Dual Survival Season 2, Episode 2

Quick thoughts -

Man Cody is dedicated to his shorts thing just as much as his no shoes thing. Wading through snow up to your armpits is bad enough with a full snowsuit on, let alone wearing shorts. Not sure how it fits with his aboriginal thing...native peoples who lived in snowy environments sure didn't walk around with no pants on.

Rappelling (sort of) with paracord...Hadn't seen that before. It obviously wasn't a vertical face...would have been much more reluctant to use it in a full vertical repel. For stability and a safe, controlled descent down a steep hill, it worked pretty well. Much better than an unbalanced climb/slide.

I didn't know of all the potential dangerous of scavenging meat. Bear Grylls eats dead stuff all the time, with generally never a word about rabies or potential disease.

A little surprised Dave didn't set any snares. He had plenty of cordage and clear animal trails to work with. Rabbits seemed to be in abundance. I guess they've done the snares in past episodes though...

Dave's snow shoe crafting was pretty awesome.

Sock sucking...not sure what that was about.

Overall, a decent if fairly unremarkable episode. The "formula" bug strikes again, I think, to the show's detriment. Still good TV watching though!