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Rubbermaid ActionPackers

Spent some time this weekend cruising Expedition Portal aka ExPo, which is the online hub for offroad expeditions--think long range, rugged exploration/travel. Lots of really cool off road vehicles, most of which would serve well in a "bug out" capacity.

While cruising through the forums, I noticed many people raving about Rubbermaid Action packers. Some people had even designed their rig's storage system around these rugged storage boxes. I've been on the lookout for some tough Rubbermaid bins for storing camping/emergency supplies, which these looked perfect for.

I went in search of them--they're available online on Amazon.com, but I was also able to find them at Wal-Mart for about $20 less. I picked up a 24-gallon size for about $25.

These things are very tough for plastic storage bins. They're not up to pelican case standards, but they've got a heavyweight lid, solid latches and good overall construction. You can sit on it, stand on it, or stack stuff on top of it without worrying about it collapsing. The latches hold well once closed.

There's no rubber gasket, so I wouldn't claim water proofness, but the lid fits pretty snugly. Rubbermaid claims "weather resistant," which I buy. I think the ActionPacker would stand up pretty well to rain, with minimal leakage, though mine hasn't been through any yet. The plastic is certainly tough enough to last out in the elements.

The latches can be locked with a padlock, but there's no metal reinforcement, so the mechanism could quickly be defeated. They do provide a deterrent if it's needed, though.

I've loaded the ActionPacker up with our camp kitchen/cooking supplies--propane stove, small propane bottles, pots, skillet, bowls, plates, utensils and other stuff. The 24-gallon size holds a good amount of stuff without getting impossibly heavy. The bigger sizes--the 35 gallon and 48 gallon--could get pretty hefty if loaded down with anything weighty. I'm curious about the smaller 8-gallon size for storing heavier items like ammo. They're $18 at my local Wal-Mart,

I plan to buy several more of these boxes and use them to better organize all of our "go" gear. Three or four bins, ready to go at all times is the plan. One for cooking gear, one for food, one for shelter/sleep gear and one for tools.

Anyways, if you're looking for affordable hard-use storage, Rubbermaid ActionPackers are an easy to find, fool proof way to go. Definitely recommended.