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Review: Kingston G2 USB 2.0 microSDHC Flash Memory Card Reader

This is, I think, the smallest and thinnest USB memory drive available. I bought it because I've been wanting a USB drive to keep in my wallet, which is a thin front-pocket wallet (a Saddleback Leather Small wallet  to be precise). When it arrived, I was surprised at how small it was. I'll get some size comparison shots up eventually, but suffice it to say, this thing is miniscule and thin. It's barely bigger than the USB port and it's roughly as thick as three credit cards. It rides comfortably inside the center pocket of my wallet.

This is technically a microSDHC reader, not a USB memory drive--the basic reader comes with no memory and you must add your own finger-nail sized microSD card. If you have multiple microSD cards or devices that use them, this is good for you. If not, it just means that if the reader gets wears out, you can probably just remove the microSD card and keep your data.

Transfer speeds will vary based on the speed of your microSD card; I have a class 4 card in mine. As a test, I transfered a 2.4 GB file to the drive--it transfered with an average speed of 15.4 MB/second, the whole file completing in well under three minutes.

I've had the reader for a few weeks now and have been using it occasionally and EDCing it in my wallet. It has worked well so far and held up to carrying. It is a bit fragile feeling--it's so small and thin--so I would be hesitant to carry it on a keychain.

If you're looking for an ultra-small USB drive for EDC or a mini kit of some kind (they fit inside OscarDelta DCTs and would take up little room in an Altoid kit), this is an awesome choice.

Amazon has very good prices on the reader and "Mobility Kits" that include the reader, a microSDHC card and various adapters. The standalone reader is $5.99, 4 GB Mobility Kit is $10.99, 8 GB Mobility Kit is $15.74, and the big-daddy 16 GB Mobility Kit is $41.74.

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