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Initial Review: OscarDelta Deep Carry Tubes

SnakeDr666 is a innovative designer/builder/modifier of SERE, black ops and survival gear. What I enjoy most about SnakeDr666's gear is his constant evolution and improvement of designs. He takes a good idea and refines and perfects it, each version better than the last.

Survival tubes have been fairly common amongst gear makers; TAD Gear's high-priced survival capsules are probably the best known. I had one of these tubes at one point, but found that there wasn't a whole lot it could actually hold, especially when considering the weight of the metal tube. When you also consider the cost of these milled stainless or titanium survival tubes--usually well over $50--and you've got more of an interesting and pricey collectible than a piece of survival kit.

SnakeDr's Deep Carry Tubes (DCTs) are survival capsules done right. They're simple, rugged little stash tubes. The design is basic--black PVC tubes with vinyl end cap--and they're available at an affordable price.

A basic fire starting kit: TinderQuik tabs
and a SparkLite starter. 
The 20mm diameter allows you to fit some useful tools into them, not just a few matches. They're the perfect diameter for a CR123A battery; the standard tube is long enough to fit about 2.5 CR123As--two cells, plus a little extra space. I enjoy putting together mini-kits of all kinds, and these provide an enjoyable challenge and a decent amount of storage. Some other useful things that I've found fit well in the DCTs:

  • A fire starting kit; a ferro rod, striker and a good supply of tinder fit well and are well protected from the elements.
  • Rolled up cash or other documents
  • MicroSD cards and mini USB drives (normal USB drives are too wide)
  • SerePick Bogota lock picks or a folding razor saw
  • Mini compass
  • Needles, tweezers
  • Pills
  • Fishing supplies
  • AAA flashlights

They are only 20mm in diameter, so there are many things they won't fit. Leatherman Micras and Squirts, coins, mini Bic lighters, lots of things. They're made for very basic, barebones stash kits, not anything extravagant. I was disappointed that none of my household keys would fit inside--you'd have to shave down the top of a key to get it to fit.

DCTs are lightweight and carry well in a pocket or pack; some kind of neck carry rig would be easy to set up. They can be easily opened with one hand by just biting one of the vinyl caps off. I haven't done any extensive water proof testing, but it did stand up perfectly to being submersed for an hour...no leaks whatsoever.

If you're looking for a functional, durable and low-cost survival capsule or stash tube, check out the Deep Carry Tubes. A five pack costs just under $10 USD shipped, so you can have a bunch of these around for not much money.

OscarDelta, a UK-based online retailer is the sole source for SnakeDr666's gear and the DCTs. Prices include worldwide shipping and I've found their service to be fast and friendly.