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Attack of the Misc!

Back at It...
I had a slew of product reviews planned for the past week, but got hit with the flu and was basically out of commission for most of the week. Really sucked. So apologies for a lower post count than usual. I'm feeling much better today and will have a bunch of reviews up over the next week--some very cool stuff from OscarDelta and BFE Labs. Stay tuned!

What happens in Egypt could have some fairly major ramifications on the worldwide economy through increasing oil prices and more uncertainty for consumers and investors.

Oil prices get baked into the prices of everything that gets transported, which is most everything. They also hit prices at the pump, too. Fun stuff.

Uncertainty leads to greater demand for precious metals. It also leads to limited/conservative investment from businesses and investors, which leads to slower growth (slower job creation).

So, pay attention to what's happening over in Egypt. It might be on the other side of the planet, but the developments could have a big impact on your wallet back home.

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