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Guerrilla Sniper II by Sua Sponte

I first encountered the writings of Sua Sponte while surfing on Warriortalk, and realized very quickly that he really knew his stuff when it came to sniping. This book collects some of those posts and adds lot more - it is loaded with some very good content for anyone interested in learning about sniping, or more specifically, guerrilla sniping. 

What is guerrilla sniping? It's sniping from a civilian viewpoint; limited logistics, limited equipment, different tactics, against a superior force. It's sniping for the unsupported partisan, freedom fighter, insurgent, rebel or survivor.

Sniping of this sort is a very valid area of study for a survivor, and not for any crazed treasonous/murderous purposes. Come the apocalypse, a survivor will likely find himself in the position where a guerrilla sniper excels - fighting against a superior force with limited support to back you up.

Guerrilla Sniper II is loaded with great information, and a lot of it is the kind of information that's not easily found elsewhere. Sua Sponte walks you through a variety of shooting positions, range finding techniques, adjusting for windage, using a variety of scopes (now I know how to use a mil-dot scope!), building several different kinds of camouflage suits, selecting sniper hides, caching equipment, basic reloading, gear loadout and a bunch of other things. It's very thorough, loaded with great content and as far as I am concerned, a must-have if you are interested in long-range shooting, sniping, camo, building hides and so on. Highly recommended.

The book does suffer from some lackluster production values - the softbound cover is pretty flimsy and there are small typos throughout. Not a huge deal, but it is noticeable. The interior of the book is also black and white, which makes some of the images harder to make out. If you're on Warriortalk, some these posts are still available in the "Guerrilla Sniper" section of the forum.