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Review: Shivworks Lil' Loco

The Shivworks Lil' Loco has been a knife that I've lusted after since its release. It's Shivwork's modern update of the OSS lapel dagger--a small holdout blade for slicing and stabbing your way out of trouble. Its a very cool design, able to be used in a scalpel-type grip or a push dagger type grip. It also has a real sheath and is made of premium S30V steel. Drool inducing.

I finally picked one up a couple months ago, from MOA Armory, the only place to get Shivworks stuff on the 'net. Shipping was fast.

I was definitely not disappointed when the knife arrived. The Loco is well made, all around--smooth finish, razor edge, sheath fits perfectly. The tip is needle sharp. Despite the knife's small size, the grip design makes it pretty easy to get a firm hold of the knife. My only complaint - the ball chain that comes with it--mine fell off several times and has been lost. I've replaced it with paracord, thin dacron line, a HAK Sheath Stick or a safety pin, depending on the usage.

I purchased the Loco for use in my Wallet Survival Kit. Yep, it's small enough to fit in your wallet. Or under the lapel of a jacket, or on your keychain, or wherever. The Loco is a very versatile little blade, very easy to carry, very easy to hide--which means that you're more likely to have it at hand when you need it

I would MUCH rather have a small fixed blade than a dinky razor blade or similar sized small folders (Spyderco Ladybug, Jester), especially if the blade may be used defensively or in a serious survival situation. Fixed blades are just faster on the draw and more durable. You could baton wood with this thing if you needed to. Or hammer it through a car hood.

The Loco is $50, but it is VERY well made and has an awesome sheath. Yes, there are a cheaper small fixed blades (Ka-Bar offers one that comes to mind), but you won't get the quality materials, craftsmanship or sheath that you find on the Loco. For a backup/holdout or survival kit knife, the Loco is hard to beat.

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