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Attack of the Misc!

Thanks go out to everyone who has voted in the "Propaganda" poll. You've got under 23 hours left to vote at the time of this post, so if you care, vote!

Blog Updates

Jump Breaks: I've decided to start adding jump breaks to long-ish posts, so that a) you don't have to scroll through a long post that you're not interested in and b) I can reasonably fit more posts on the front page.

Tell-a-Friend app: Added to the bottom of each post, which will make it easier to share posts that you like with your survivalist buddies. Share away - and thanks!

More Photos: we've been in-between decent digital cameras for a while, having to either borrow or do-without. We got my wife a pretty nice Cannon for her b-day, so expect more pics on future posts.

TEOTWAWKI tweets from this week!