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Working on projects...

Blog's been a little slow the past few days; my apologies! I'm working on several projects and waiting for things to reach a 'finished' place before posting. They should get there next week-ish. Here's what's in the pipeline:
  • Guest-post from the wife on advice r.e. getting used to having firearms in the home (she grew up with the "guns are dangerous/evil/scary" stigma). Should be a good post to pass along to anyone intimidated or concerned about guns.
  • My take on an Urban Pocket Survival Kit; there's lots of wilderness survival altoid/pocket kits out there, I wanted to do something different! Been spending way too much time trying to make this relevant and useful - getting close!
  • A post on my completed First Aid Kit (waiting for some components in the mail).
  • Maybe some complaining about how stupid the cast of The Colony is this season (short version: they're morons).
  • And hopefully some other cool stuff.
As always, I'm more than open to suggestions, questions or requests for posts. If you've got something, drop me a line at Teotwawki.Blog@gmail.com.