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NATO Watch Strap

I have had the same every-day watch since, oh, 2004 or so. A titanium Seiko perpetual calendar model, military-esque looking. Nice enough watch, but nothing fancy. I had the band sized-down after purchase and have subsequently misplaced the leftover links. I've been working on pushups lately, and have noticed that my wrists have been getting just a little bit thicker. Nothing drastic, but enough to the point where the ol' Seiko was getting uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. Sad.

I dig some of the Nato/Zulu band watches I've seen out there and decided, hey, for the $20 or so dollars, it's worth it. A lot cheaper than buying a new watch. I did some searching and found Military Watch Resource to come highly recommended.

They shipped quickly and the price was good, so thumbs up from me.

The strap is not entirely intuitive to install, but I dug up this helpful how-to that gives a clear walkthrough and features a drool inducing Rolex. I need to see if Rolex would like to send me one for trial and evaluation...But, anyways, the instructions are simple enough to follow. I used an eyeglass screw driver to pop out the springbars and remove the old strap, then followed the tutorial step by step. Actually turned out to be a lot easier than I though.

So, directions followed and I've got the watch strap on. Old watch looks and feels like a whole new watch. Pretty cool looking, to boot. Very comfortable...about a billion times better than the too-small band from before, and it makes the watch even lighter on the wrist--no small feat as the watch band from before was titanium. The band itself is fairly indestructible in build; I think it would hold up through years of hard use.
I'll post up pictures when I dig out the camera later this week.

If you've got a watch that needs a new band or one that you're just bored of, pick up a zulu/nato and give your watch a new and much more tactical lease on life.