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Education - an overlooked and essential prep

Having extra money--money to put into savings or invest in preps--is an essential part of prepping. Those high-dollar guns, mountains of ammo, and deep larders don't buy themselves.

In order to have money, you either need to have a good job or get lucky. Since we're preppers, we don't really count on luck, so you want to plan to have a good job. A "good job" is a subjective thing, but I'm not talking about $15/hour. You want a really good, stable, predictable income--and the surest, most predictable way to that is to get a good education.

We're in the midst of the worst recession/depression in a long time, so take a look and see who is still doing well and who's hurting for money. Doctors, dentists, CPAs, some lawyers, some business execs with stable companies, some professors, and others with advanced professional degrees and skills.

You've got to bust your butt in schools for years, but when you're done, you've set yourself up to have a solid, comparatively high-paying career for life. They all a considerable investment of time and money, but it's an investment in yourself and your future earning potential--as good of a prep as you can find.