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The 3rd Layer: Your Vehicle bag

Guys, if there's one kit that you need to have, it's a squared away vehicle kit. Unlike your BOB, it won't just sit in a closet--it will accompany you where ever you travel. It will help keep your all-important transportation functional and save your butt if it breaks down. Sooner or later, you will use your vehicle kit.

Just this afternoon, I had to use my Electromate Jumpstarter to get the car going after a dead battery. Yet another time that thing had helped me out of a jam. That got me thinking...

Later, I was cruising the survival blogosphere and came across this article on Death Valley Mag: Urban Survival: The Vehicle Emergency Kit. Between the article and the comments, there's a good list of what to put into a vehicle kit. I like DVM--they have some good posts and have their heads on straight. Thumbs up from me.

One item that the post doesn't mention is the multifunctional bath towel. Useful for cleaning up spilled drinks, drying off your car after a wash, and doing all of the bajillion other things that a towel is good for. You need one in your car. Now.

Your vehicle kit should compliment your on-person EDC and what you carry in your EDC bag. In addition to vehicle support equipment, your vehicle kit should carry tools and supplies too heavy and bulky to haul around with you all the time. Big jugs of water, a blanket or sleeping bag, a full first aid kit, change of clothes, a long gun of some kind if you choose to pack one around--that kind of thing.

With your on-person EDC, EDC bag and your vehicle kit, you should be fairly squared away and able to get yourself out of most conceivable emergencies. Heck, you should be able to grab your bag, hop into your vehicle and disappear for a week or two if needs be.

You guys got any interesting survival gear that you keep in your vehicles?