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Upcoming on TEOTWAWKI Blog

Hey all -
Thought I'd pass along some of the upcoming posts I've got planned for TEOTWAWKI Blog:

- I've got two cases of MREs on the way from ArmyGear.net; expect a review when they arrive.
- Reviews of some good zombie fiction: Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide (just finally got around to it!) and Day by Day Armageddon
- I'm working on some post-apocalypse survival fiction, which I may start posting in bits and pieces as I get further along.
- The top 5 post apocalyptic movies countdown
- The iPhone as a survival tool (and the best iPhone zombie games to keep you entertained)

And some other fun stuff! If you've got any requests for posts and topics to cover off on, please let me know! And please tell your friends and fellow preppers about TEOTWAWKI Blog! Thank you for your support.