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MRE Shipment received

I got in on the MRE deal that's been floating around various forums. Two cases of MREs for $90 plus shipping, from the good folks at armygear.net. These are legit, military style MREs. Mine had $30 shipping, which is fair considering its 24 MREs--a hefty load. So, price delivered came to $120, $5 per meal, which is substantially less than I've seen them for other places. They usually run about $7-$8 each, before shipping.

They take them out of the military MRE cases to save on shipping costs, which is a bit of a pain--they're basically loose MRE meals. And I've discovered that unlike the various components inside an MRE, the full meal package doesn't have any date code that I've been able to discern.

At first I thought they were mixed from a few different production years, as the 24 MREs came with three different styles of designs. A little concerned, I turned to MREinfo.com and found out that they are 2008-production, and the .mil has been testing three different package designs--four of each per case. The menus appear to line up accordingly. So my MREs are 2008 production--fine and dandy, especially considering the price.

If you're in the market for MREs, this is the deal to jump in on. According to their site, it's a "promotional price" but has been running for a couple months, so no idea when the price will change.

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