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Pathfinder 10pc Kit

Great video from Dave Canterbury about his concept of the 10pc kit--the minimum 10 things you should bring with you into the wilderness. While geared bushcraft/wilderness survival, there's some good stuff that can be extrapolated for EDC and bug out kits. For the lazy, here's the 10 items he recommends (you can get most of them from CanteenShop.com or Amazon):

1. Knife (fixed blade, 3-5 inch, recommends RAT-5)
2. Folding saw ( recommends kershaw/bahco folding sawKershaw/bahco folding saw)
3. Ferro rod (recommends Strike Force Fire Starter)
4. Compass (recommends Brunton Adventure Racing Compass)
5. Whistle (recommends JetScream Whistle)
6. Flashlight/Lighting device (recommends an LED light like the Streamlight Sidewinder)
7. Vessel (recommends Guyot Designs bottle)
8. Basic First Aid kit (towel/bandana, bandages, in water proof bag--keep it small)
9. 100ft. paracord
10. Tarp