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EDC: Multitool vs. Folder

I've carried a folding pocket knife just about every day for the past 9 or so years. I started with a small CRKT knife, went to a Kershaw Leek, then a Benchmade Mini-Griptillian, then a waved Spyderco Delica, then a waved Spyderco Endura, then a Byrd Cara Cara G10, which has been my EDC knife for the past two or so years. During the same time, I'm almost always had a Leatherman multitool riding in my EDC bag, which gets pulled out when needed--but is often left at the desk, in the car, etc. when I find myself needing it.

Recently, I took a look at what I used my EDC pocket knife for--almost exclusively utilitarian purposes. Certainly there's some "comfort" factor to at least always having a blade with you, but really, if you want a knife for defensive purposes, it should be a fixed blade. I have a small Ka-Bar TDI with a kydex sheath that serves that purpose very well. So, realistically, I was carrying a folding pocket knife for random cutting chores and maybe as a last ditch defensive weapon.

I looked at the multitool that I had riding in my bag--a nice Leatherman Charge--and saw that in addition to a pretty decent blade, it had a bunch of other tools that could come in handy. So, I slipped it onto my belt in the nice nylon sheath that it came with and left my pocket knife at home. That was about three weeks ago.

In those three weeks, I've found that a multitool has some big advantages over a folding knife for everyday carry, and will probably stick with it for the foreseeable future.

What do I like about it?

First off, with the Leatherman riding comfortably on my belt, it's nice to have the pocket space back. It's not any noticeably slower to access the blade, either. The Leatherman is also a lot more sheeple friendly--even my fairly plain looking Cara Cara drew attention and questions when I would use it "Woah, where'd you pull that huge knife from?" "Why do you have that?" The Leatherman is mundane and un-intimidating, which is good--it's not my goal to draw attention or concern people when I'm opening some packaging or helping out.

Lets not forget the tools other than the blade. I've gotten plenty of use out of the screwdrivers, ruler, pliers, file and saw on my Leatherman, doing chores that I wouldn't have been able to do with just a pocket knife.

Finally, the belt sheath can hold more than just the multitool. The nylon Leatherman pouch that I have is cleverly designed, with a small sleeve behind and on either side of the main compartment. I keep additional screwdriver bits in the back compartment, mini-Sharpie on one of the side pockets, and will soon add a small ferro rod to the other side pocket. Having these on my belt keeps them handy but comfortably out of the way.

If you're currently EDCing a folding knife for utility purposes, give a multitool a try. It'll come in handy--promise!

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