> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Update: Escaping from zip ties



Update: Escaping from zip ties

So I experimented with several of the methods featured on ITS Tactical. I tested it using some fairly heavy duty automotive zip ties that I had laying around. However, while strong, they are thinner than the ones shown in the ITS videos.

Method 1: Breaking the Zip Ties

My results: Little success here--just sore wrists. I had a buddy try the method out as well, and he had similar results. We were probably not doing it perfectly, but I also suspect the thinner zip ties had something to do with it--more digging into the wrists, harder to apply the force needed to snap the ties. Also, the reliance and brute strength has its draw backs--you could be malnourished, beaten, etc. and need to break out.

Method 2: Paracord Saw

My Results: This worked, first try, and I think it would be a more reliable method of escape than the break method--if you had paracord handy (shoelaces, bracelet, etc.). Getting the paracord into place takes a bit of effort and contorting, and you would need to alone for 2-3 minutes to execute this technique, but it would work on any variation of zip tie, and doesn't rely on brute strength to open them.