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Things I'm Thankful for: The Stanley FuBar

So we all know the destructive power of the simple crowbar...well, the Stanley FuBar is the wicked love child of a pry bar, a hammer and a breaching tool. Hold one in your hand and the destructive capabilities become clear. Smashing your way through just about anything? Fubar! Need to pry open a crate of old Soviet ammo? Fubar! Killing zombies? FUBAR!!!

There are at least 3 different sizes of Fubar--small, Medium and HUGE!!!

I've had the small version riding in my truck for the past year and a half, and it's a comforting tool to say the least. I'm pretty confident that it could smash/pry/tear through just about anything that I might need it to. They're a damn fine tool to have around in your vehicle kit or in an urban get home bag.

Fubars have gained a cult-like following in some groups--the Usual Suspect Network (USN) has a 340+ post thread about customized and tricked out fubars. Replacing the rubber grip with a paracord wrap seems to be the most common mod. 

Fubars can occasionally be found on uber-sale--like 60%-75% off, although I've never personally seen one that low. They can be ordered on Amazon, or purchased from Lowe's, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.