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I'm alive!

Yep, horrible at posting regularly, but still alive. I know you were all worried. Real life is keeping me distracted and all too busy.

So, the economy is fast sliding down the crapper. Anyones guess on how bad this will get. Complete and total collapse of society as we know it? Probably not. Will we be fending off desperate mobs at shotgun point come next week? I'll go out on a limb and say no.

However, we could have some rough times ahead--slow, grinding economic rough times. Take precautions.

Entertainment wise, I haven't been following the latest season of the Sarah Connor Chronicles--lack of time and lack of interest. Mostly sub-par writing to be found on that show, at least the episodes I've seen.

Blindness comes out tomorrow. Not especially interested in this one--will probably catch it on DVD unless reviews are stellar. Everyone goes blind, society breaks down--just needs mobile, poisonous plants and it would be the Day of the Triffids . Actually, I'd be excited to go see the Day of the Triffids. This just seems meh to me.

I'm going to try to pick up some survival/post apocalyptic books in the next few days, maybe will have some reviews up in the next couple weeks.

Will look to post up an article on my EDC bag, a Jack Sack, the same bag as used by Jack Bauer on 24. Not the same bomb-proof, quality of workmanship other options out there, but it's affordable and functional. So far, its been good to me, and a damn good bag for $20.