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Military Water Cans from LCI

Recently found out about an uber deal on MWCs from the survival boards on AR15.com. LCI, a completely random and sketchy looking website and apparently a military supplier (they also have USGI magazines on their site).

Click "Shop As Guest" and search for "Water Can" and they should pop up--$15.84 each, which is about half of what they would normally cost. There's a minimum order of $30, but LCI does not seem to charge for shipping--awesome as these water cans are fairly heavy duty. These are the real-deal, mil-spec water cans with "Property of the U.S. Government" on the side.

After reading positive reviews on AR15.com, I decided to give it a go and placed an order for 4 cans. Water storage is one of my areas that need improvement; I currently live in a condo, so storing giant water drums is not going to happen. I've been looking at various water storage means, but longevity and durability are a concern with most of the water cans that are sold at camping supply stores and Wal-Mart. I had a stash of gallon jugs of water, stacked in milk crates, but wasn't completely happy with this solution. MWCs seemed ideal--durable, portable, etc.--but too expensive at $30 a pop. LCI's price was right, so I jumped on it.

The MWCs arrive packed in a box, and upon initial look over seem to be in perfect condition. They are impressively built--they'll last for the next 20 years, I imagine--and just about the coolest water can money can buy. I'll be washing them out and filling them with water over the next couple days--will post pictures as I get the chance.

So, big thumbs up for LCI--great deal. I received the cans in about a week--perfectly acceptable shipping time. If you need to store up some water (or are looking for something to survive more than a few camping trips) check 'em out!


  1. Great find! Thanks for sharing, I've for 4 on the way too!

    If these work out well, I'll get 6 more.

    I've had problems with good water storage containers that could withstand heat, reuse, and long term storage. I've got to figure that military hardware has to be the best at whatever it does. Hopefully these will work perfectly!

  2. These Water cans are great, they are very thick and of very good quality. I purchased 4 cans from LCI and the shipping was free and fast. Because these cans are new you will want to rinse them out with a bleach solution to rid of any extra plastic and release chemical from the molds they are created in. I filled them up at the local water machine for about $1.35 per 5 gallons. its a great deal and you will have peace of mind.

  3. I wouldn't buy these again. Mine leaked like crazy at the cap. :(