> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Cabella's




So, spent some time wandering around the local Cabella's today, and it struck me how everything was vastly overpriced. Wolf black box in .223 was running $7.99/box. Federal Bulk .22lr (which just jumped to over $13 at my local Wal-Mart) was $14.99. Glock magazines were running $29.99 each. I went in with the intention of buying something, but there was not much in the store that was competitively priced. Not a place to bargain hunt, that's for sure.

I did, however see a beautiful little gun from Bond Arms: the Bond Arms Ranger. Now, I would not blow the money on one unless I had oodles of money to waste, which I don't. It runs around $550, which is ridiculous for a two shot derringer. It's not the most "tactical" gun, not the best for CCW, or whatever, but it is pretty and has a certain timeless style to it. I just had to stop and admire it for a few moments. It'd made a good snake gun and a last-ditch weapon in a powerful chambering, but mostly, it just oozes style and class.

See the Ranger in action.