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Do-It Your Self Tactical Sling

Needed a rifle sling and wanted to get all crafty today, so I took an outing to REI to buy the materials to put together the sling detailed here. REI had everything needed--buckles, nylon web, etc. Spent about half an hour putting it together, and in the end got pretty good results.

Will post pictures later, but it's essentially the same sling (in black) as shown on the link, minus the "lengthening" assembly. It wasn't sturdy enough for my likings, and is only needed to give you a couple extra inches of sling to use if you need to switch to your weak shoulder. Not especially needed for me, and I didn't want to mess around with getting the assembly complete to my liking.

Overall, a fun project and a solid end product. The materials cost all of about $11, give it a try!