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Random Tidbits

  • Glock seems to be increasing prices on factory magazines--40% from what I've read. Get 'em cheap while you can: OMB Express has G17 mags for $17.99, showing "In Stock" at the moment.
  • A sling is essential to have for real-world use of a rifle, but sometimes skipped over if you do most of your shooting at a range. Make sure you've got one for each SHTF rifle, and likewise, a good holster for your handguns!
  • Bowling pins make good--and surprisingly sturdy--targets. A local gunshop sells used pins for a couple bucks a pop--mine have survived 4-5 trips to the range, being pelted with everything from .22LR (which mostly bounce off) to 5.56mm (XM193 loads--which do some damage to the pins, but nothing critical).
  • Federal's New-ish HST hollow point load ends up with some mighty nasty looking expansion--as seen here and here. Beautiful. They're also priced competitively--if you can find them. AmmunitionToGo looks to have some in stock--$20 for a box of 50 in 9mm. I'll have to get me some of these soon...
  • Wal-Mart is apparently bumping up the price on their 9mm Winchester White Box 100 round packs--generally the lowest price around. New price is 19.99--my Wal-Mart hasn't bumped the price yet, but I've read that the new price has taken effect in lots of areas. If it hasn't hit your area yet, now could be a good time to stock up.