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Loyal readers!

Wow--shocked to see 5 comments on the "status" post below. I didn't know that there were still people out there checking TEOTWAWKI Blog--figured the web traffic was random Google-people stumbling upon my ramblings. :) Good to know you're out there.

So, as per usual, real life is keeping me busy. That doesn't mean that prepping and enjoying apocalyptic entertainment have taken a back seat. Just haven't taken the time to update the blog--partially because I figured no one would miss it. At least there are a few of you out there, so I'll try better to post away.

What I'm most excited about: Terminator 4. Terminator 2 tops my favorite movies list, and this trailer has me pumped to see the next movie in the murderous android franchise. Christian Bale is a solid choice for John Connor. I'm not too sure about director McG who I know only from the Charlie's Angels moves (bleck)--but what I've read and seen so far has my hopes up. For example, from EW.com:

''Our idea is to give the film the look of Children of Men but with the velocity of Transformers,'' says McG (Charlie's Angels). ''We aspire to do to Terminator what Christopher Nolan did with the Batman franchise.''

Hoping this will rock!