> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Ep. 3 "The Turk"



Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Ep. 3 "The Turk"

Disappointing episode this week. Zip on the action and survival content. Some lame "teen drama" plots with John going back to high school...I REALLY hope they steer away from high school hijinks/mystery. There were some fun character moments...but...the episode left a lot to be desired. Not exactly a "must see."

The bad terminator (Chromartie) is making a comeback...but we know there's another terminator out there already, so it doesn't seem like an extra special threat to the Connors. Have the writers just forgotten about the other terminator? Why should we care about Chromartie?

Overall, a pretty forgettable episode...hope the next one picks up!