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Glock 17

Look what Santa brought me!

Well, truth be told, Santa screwed me over again--I got this one for myself. It's a Glock factory refurbished 17, a 2nd generation I believe. Based on the SN, it was once a police issue gun and was made in the mid-90s, but you'd never know from the look of the gun. Glock did a beautiful job cleaning it up--looks brand spankin' new. Came with the standard Glock plastic box, 3 magazines, and some misc accessories, and saved me about $100 over the price of a new-generation Glock.

I'd been shopping for a used Glock for quite a while--this was roughly in the same price range as the used Glocks in town, and basically new. Couldn't pass it up. The gun store had just put it out on display that morning, and another one sold as I was leaving the store. Good way to get a like-new Glock for cheap, if you can find them in your area and don't mind the older frame design.

I have to admit, with traveling to non-gun friendly territory over the holidays, bad weather, and busy life, I haven't gotten it out to the range yet. I've had most of my handgun shooting time on a Ruger P95, and the Glock blows it away in terms of comfort, weight, and natural aim--for me at least. The overall feel/quality/impression is great. Once I get it out to the range, I'll know more.

I plan...sometime in the future...to get the Advantage Arms .22lr conversion kit for plinking and maybe to throw in the BOB. Would be nice to have in a waterproof pelican case along with a few hundred rounds of .22lr...could come in very handy. Will probably also add some aftermarket sights in the future--the Big Dot sight looks good.

The 17 is currently running nightstand and home defense duty, loaded with Federal Hydrashocks.

I'll post up a range report once I get out there!