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Omega Man

YouTube video find of the day: The Omega Man, starring Charlton Heston!

Classic 70's survival flick--love the funky intrigue-style music during the title sequence. Based on the novel I Am Legend, which still need to read, which will be remade yet again, this time as a Will Smith movie.

The Omega Man--full of classic Charlton Heston goodness, 70s style and stereotypes. Love the hippy book burning vampire baddies, aka The Family, love it even more when Heston mows them down in wonderful "Die, you hippie bastards!" style. Heston portrays some of his firearms "when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!"-love here, and its an all around entertaining movie. Also, take notes on his groovy fortress townhouse!

If you're not into watching movies on your computer screen, chopped up into 5 minute segments, you can also find the DVD on Amazon.. This is a new release as of May 2007--this time last year, I don't think The Omega Man was available on DVD (I remember searching!).

The Omega Man: ***
Recommendation: Check it out!