Cool Website: http://www.tadgear.com

TAD Gear (Triple Aught Design Gear) is your one-stop-shop for all sorts of gadgets, knives, and gear. TAD Gear's slogan is "Mission Capable, Wilderness Smart, Urban Ready...."; the gear they carry is all rock solid, top-of-the-line, and friggin' cool.

TAD has their own line of gear--focused around cool but spendy "adventure-ready" clothes and pouches. They are also the exclusive U.S. dealers for JetBeam flashlights, and have one of the widest arrays of high-quality production and custom-made knives available, anywhere.

TAD's stuff is quality, designer stuff, and quality does not often come cheap. But, even if you're strapped for cash, TAD's website is full of great photos of so much cool gear that it's fun to "window shop" and day dream of cool toys.

I've bought from TAD in the past, and definitely recommend them. They have great stuff and a great customer service. If you're shopping for a new backpack, retina-burning flashlight, or high-end knife, check 'em out!

Some of TAD"s coolest products:

Cool patches
Steel Clips- I have a bunch of these--very handy for keys, keychain gadgets, etc!
Solar Chargers- Power-your gear on the go with portable solar chargers.
JetBeam Flashlights- Uber-bright mini-LED flashlights.