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Recommended Viewing: Expedition Overland

File this one under off roading, adventure, awesome gear and amazing cinematography. Last season, the crew explored their way through British Columbia and Alaska...this time, they're heading south of the border, through Central America and back again.

They're well funded and have sponsorships for some great brands (Triple Aught Design this year), so they've got pretty much the best outfitted vehicles and gear for the journey. And, knowing their audience, they dive into the details of vehicle outfitting, med kits, tool kits, food and personal kit and clothing...all very comprehensive and well thought out. If you're like me, you'll eat this stuff up.

It'll also make you want to grab the 4x4 and head out in search of adventure...and that's part of the point.

Central America will prove interesting--there's the jungles, the many countries and of course security concerns. They'll be rolling $100K off-road rigs through some pretty corrupt, dangerous and primitive places. Watching from home, that makes things interesting...and draws some more parallels to a crap hits the fan scenario.

Worth your time...watch and discuss in the comments below.