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Zyon Systems - Escaping the Urban Jungle

Cool opportunity from Zyon Systems for those in a major metropolitan areas. They're looking at doing a training run of bugging out from a city, and are looking for a volunteer to host.

Here's the details from Zyon:

I am interested in conducting some real world urban escape scenarios from a major metropolitan area. Our base camp, Boise, Idaho, does not fit the bill. If you ever wondered what it would be like to make it home on foot from your office during a major disaster or emergency, here is your chance to test your route and emergency gear. I'm looking for a host city and someone on the ground who is willing to help with logistics.

Here are the criteria I am looking for:

Population of 1,000,000 or greater
Major public transportation infrastructure
At least 15 miles to reach our designated safe zone
At least 1 overnight bivouac site en-route to our designated safe zone
Great food and attractions to enjoy after the scenario is complete!!

If you think your city will provide a good training opportunity and your up to the challenge, let me know. I would be stoked to start planning with you. As a perk, if I choose your city for the scenario, I'll give you one of our Professional Lite Kits for hosting the training.

If you're up for the job, head on over to the Zyon Systems blog to give 'em a heads up.