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INI-power: Electro-juice on mogas, propane, paint thinner and more

Targeted at spec ops units operating far away from reliable supply chains, ini-power's line of portable gennies may also appeal to those looking to have some of that good ol' fashion 'tricity if and when our usual supply chain self destructs.

From the spec sheet:

INI’s agnostic fuel architecture allows for the use of ANY FUEL, in ANY AOR, in ANY COMBINATION, thereby allowing War fighters to generate power from any military logistical fuel, in addition to any fuels available off of the local economy, including contaminated fuels typically found in remote AORs for a wide-ranging number of mission sets.

Listed fuels include JP-8, F-34 “NATO”, gasoline, propane, methanol, and isopropanol, but most anything combustible that you can pour in the tank has a good chance of working.

They've got 2 kw, 1 kw and 500w versions out there, and Soldier Systems just had a blurb up on a new 5 kw unit they are releasing.

Unfortunately, at time of publication, INI only sells directly to the .GOV.

For us regular schlubs in need of versatile fuel consumption, tinkering survival types have had good success with Harbor Freight's little 900w generator (this one on Amazon looks similar if you don't have an HF nearby. There's a long running thread over on ARFCOM about this little genny that could, including tales of dudes who have successfully run it on all variety of fuels - rubbing alcohol and nail polish was a winner, if I remember right.