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Mad Max: Fury Road - Legacy Trailer

Some epic-ness right here.

Have been waiting for this movie ever since the summer after 4th grade, when I caught a re-run of Thunderdome on TBS and fell in love. Spent the rest of that summer building dune buggies out of Legos.

Yep, it'd be better with Mel, but Charlize is certainly an upgrade from Tina Turner.


  1. Dude, you're a young pup! I saw The Road Warrior in the theater,(Yes, I'm older than dirt, get off my lawn.) and knew my life would never be the same... ;)

  2. I wonder if they gave Mel Gibson at least some type of role in this one, be a shame if he was left out. His work back then is why this movie is so anticipated - I think most people want to watch it just so they can compare it to the original.

  3. PineslayerApril 17, 2015

    I can't wait! I bet it will be a event, people decked out in their Road Warrior outfits, waiting in line with newbies as us old folks talk about 'the day'.

  4. DUDE FORGET MAD MAX WALKING DEAD AND AR20'S...............iv been waiting forever for the YOU TOOK AWAY TOMORROW book. Please give up a status update. Or atleast continue releasing chapter by chapter stories. Pleeeeeaaasseee

  5. The bad guy in this one is played by the original bad guy, Toecutter, in Mad Max. I really hope this is a good movie.

  6. Theres more Charlize Theron than there is Mad Max