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The Walking Dead: Season 5:14

Spoilers after the jump.

Well, I think we just had what were likely the two most gruesome deaths on the Walking Dead. Torn apart and eaten alive. Glenn stuck watching his buddy get ripped to shreds...probably won't get over that one any time soon. Yikes! Honestly couldn't watch all of Noah's demise...a bit too high on the gore factor for me.

This brings me to two related topics:

First up, when is it ok to shoot your comrades rather than leave them to suffer a certain, incredible horrible death?

I'd say both of this week's deaths would have been more than fair game for a mercy bullet to the cranium. Instead of "don't leave me!" I'd be saying "shoot me!" Instant death much preferable to getting ripped to pieces.

Second: I know it's a show and they ran out of ammo for dramatic effect, but in the zombie apocalypse, I'd be carrying some kind of  suicide measure that was held in reserve for just such an unfortunate demise.

A couple measures, actually - a grenade (if one could be found) for taking a bunch with me, and some sort o' pocket gun for offing myself should I wind up in Noah's unfortunate position. Worst case, I'd at least keep a final spare round in reserve for just such a purpose. Much better way to go out.

Tonight's episode was clearly a set up for trouble in paradise. Glorious Leader's son won't be coming home and Preacher Man has come out ranting and raving against Team Rick. Rick is going to have to do something about abusive husband, or Carol will take care of business herself.

The show has been getting into interesting group dynamic territory - the us versus them stuff that all groups go through when merging. It's unavoidable and as we see in TWD, it's fraught with hazards. Joining up with outsiders is a risk. Doesn't mean you can't work together towards the same cause, can't form alliances while staying as separate entities. But trying to absorb one group into another is always going to get messy, fast.