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On gear consolidating...

There aren't a lot of things that you can buy, use for a couple years, and then sell at a small loss, or in some select cases, make a tidy profit. But one of the great things about quality gun and knife gear is that it tends to hold its value pretty well.

Case in point: Project AR-(20)15 is largely being funded by clearing out unused stuff. Projects that ended up going no where, ideas that have been abandoned or gear that I wanted to upgrade anyways. Stuff that was of little/no use and was just sitting there, collecting dust, and that sold off pretty quickly, painlessly and in some cases at a healthy profit over what I paid for it a few years ago. Made enough money to fund the purchase of a very nice BCM upper with minimal out-of-pocket cash.

Should have done that a while ago!

Yes, you can keep stuff around "just in case", put it in caches, and so on, but there's a bit of a false economy to that. It might not cost you anything out of pocket to keep, say, an unused hunting rifle around, but it is an unused resource that can be turned into cash. Sell or trade it in, and a new purchase becomes a lot less painful on the budget.

Sure, in some cases it makes sense to keep extra gear around, but that's not always that case.

So - if you have been eyeballing a new project, go clean out the part bins/drawers/closets and see what shakes out.


  1. i toy with that idea often. then i remember that most of my potential recruits have next to nothing by way of gear. guns, ammo, desire? yes, but not even proper holsters nor load bearing gear. so, i box it all up in plastic bins, toss in mothballs, and trek it out to the storage shed. it usually makes its way back in the house piece by piece. i keep saying i'm going to get a table at the gun show. maybe when ar's hit the high mark again. i have a few put back for such occasion.

  2. I think can make more sense to hang into stuff that is likely to be that target of bans or shortages in the future, versus stuff that is unlikely to fall under a whole lot of legal scrutiny. Web gear won't be banned any time soon, nor will flashlights, hunting guns, etc.

  3. I'm a knife collector (always admired them) and have picked up quite a few of quality built during the years. I've learned to sell some of the ones I've tired of to fund other buys like you mention above.

    I have learned some hard lessons along the way. During the Clinton ban, I purchased several Glock 21 full capacity magazines after the ban was enacted. I can't remember the exact price, but I think it was something like $30 per magazine. After 10 years and bill retired (Thank you George Bush!), price dropped like a rock. Only to go back up again during Obama gun ban periods.

    Market fluctuates like you mention. I wouldn't discount hunting rifles not being banned, I hear more 'sniper rifle' legislation is being proposed. Scopes, quality scopes especially are very useful.

  4. I have a hard time selling and like RR I am hoarding to help those with less that could help me. I have bins of gear and van that has become a warehouse. My wife is very tolerant as long as it is not in her way. I pretty much buy everything I come across that is a deal. At this point I can equip a couple of squads. But, I am moving forward with a vehicle sale to fund a battle 308 and add extras to another vehicle.

    If I keel over before the reset, hopefully I will have trained enough young 'irregulars' to carry the torch and keep my stuff from being sold to strangers.

  5. I learned my lesson a long time ago that investing in quality is much less expensive in the long run than investing in cheap. I used to buy cheap gear, guns, and tools...and I would constantly have to replace them. Once I started buying better quality items, though, I've been able to hold onto them longer, get more useful value out of them, and in some cases, sell items like Mr. Wolf without taking a huge loss on them. You just can't go wrong with quality gear.

    Right now I'm in the process of upgrading the gear in all of my kits: EDC, BOB, GHB, etc. There has been a good bit of trial and error with different things, but I'm starting to figure out what stuff I feel confident with putting my life on the line, and I want to make sure that I have backups in all my kits.