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Magpul drops two bombshells - PMAG D60 and PMAG17 mags

With SHOT 2015 kicking off,  Magpul has dropped two big product announcements.

The D60 - 60 Round PMAG

The D60 gives us the hope for a sturdy, 100% reliable 60 round drum at the $100-ish price point. It's made of Magpul's super sturdy, polymer, easily dissembled, lower profile than a Surefire 60 and has a special loading mechanism. A reliable drum mag or two ain't bad to have around, especially for those bump-SAWs out there.

The PMAG17 - Glock 17 mags

A Glock mag that will likely have a street price in the $12 ballpark - with Magpul's track record of rugged reliability? These things will sell faster than bricks o' .22lr! Count me in for ten of these.


  1. A drum that was affordable and actually worked would be cool. However a legitimately duty grade 100% functional Glock mag for $12 would be AMAZING! I would definitely get a couple dozen of them.

  2. yep. count me in. i see i'll be throwing money at Magpul this year...DAMNIT!!!!

  3. For the price of one drum, you could have four forty round pmags and two maglinks. I'd be more excited about a higher capacity drum but it's a step in the right dirction. Glock mags will be a huge win for everyone though.

  4. Love Magpul and use their products but have not used or seen the Magpul Glock mags yet. I know and trust Magpul and their products but I am not sure what is so much better about the Magpul Glock mags. An open question to the tribe, aside from the price, does anyone see any material improvements in the Magpul Glock mags vs. the OEM Glock mags. Are the Magpul Glock mags significantly better than the OEM mags or Is it all just about a similar quality mag at a lower price? Would appreciate any thoughtful, real-world experience from those who have and use these new Magpul Glock mags. When responding, no need to sell me on how great Magpul is overall. Trust me I get that. I am just trying to understand the improvements of the new Glock mag.

    1. No one not involved with Magpil will have had either of these yet. Price is the big deal. There are some other nice features, but price is the big one.

    2. Thanks. Seemed like it was really just a price issue. The orange follower is nice. All in all the OEM Glock mags have always proven to be a solid piece of equipment. An equal quality piece at a lower price is good.


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