> TEOTWAWKI Blog: ATF: "Shouldering SIG Braces is VERBOTEN!"



ATF: "Shouldering SIG Braces is VERBOTEN!"

In a case of epic flip flopping, the ATF has now officially flip-flopped on their prior position and now says "NEIN!" to the shouldering of a pistol equipped with a SIG brace.

According to ATF logic, the act of shouldering the brace automagically redesigns said pistol into an SBR. Now, if this was the ATFs POV all along, why give the thumbs up to the SIG brace in the first place? Why the earlier letters giving the "ok" to shoulder the brace? Why let an entire sub-industry develop in support of using the SIG brace as an occasional shoulder stock?

Utter incompetence if I've ever seen it. With SHOT show kicking off, oodles of SIG brace related products on the market and our friends at the ATF in attendance, I'd expect to see further developments. Would also like to see the industry push back against this kind of garbage oversight from the ATF with some variety of litigation. A lot of people will be losing money over this decision, completely due to the ATFs unclear, flip-floppy oversight.

Link to the official open letter from the ATF