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Thumbs up for OP Tactical & Velocity Systems

I've had several lousy experiences with companies in the past year or so, but I wanted a good experience for a change.

I purchased a Velocity Systems plate carrier from OP Tactical during their Black Friday sales. First time purchase from OP, first Velocity product that I've purchased as well.

Sizing information on the Velocity plate carriers was/is a bit sparse across the interwebs, so I went with what looked to be the right choice based on a chart that I dug up on another website.

Received the carrier really quickly and determined that I'd ordered the wrong size on the cummerbund/cumberbund.

Contacted OP Tactical and offered to send in for an exchange or refund with shipping on my dime.

OP Tactical responded quickly, saying they'd get in touch with Velocity Systems to see if they could coordinate an exchange.

The Velocity rep reached out within about twenty minutes, saying they'd send out the size that I needed and include a return shipping label in the package.

That is how you do it!

In situations like this, I've had other companies say "Sorry, that's your problem, not ours." Or even just refuse to answer the e-mails.

OP Tactical was on the ball quickly, despite the hectic time of year, and took ownership of helping me out. Velocity System swooped in like a jet pack wearing bald eagle and took steps to fix my problem, on their dime.

Yep, it took OP Tactical a bit of time and Velocity is out a few dollars of margin in shipping costs. But, they've both exceeded my expectations, won me over as a fan and future customer, and led me to share the goodness with others.

That's how you do business and how you treat your customers. There are many out there who could take a page from their playbook!

Thumbs up to both.