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The equipment of Vietnam War MACV SOG

Found this on ARFCOM - impressive amount of ordinance, including a claymore necklace...water, poncho and a whole lot of go boom gear.

1st Line: Watch, pocket knife, compass, signal mirror, pen flare gun with extra flares, emergency radio, strobe light, pen and paper, signal whistle, matches, signal panel, and water purification tablets.

2nd Line: Carbine with 21 magazines, six M67 frags, three mini grenades, poncho, two 1-qt canteens, smoke grenade, gas mask, 1911, and bandages.

3rd Line: Explosives, detonators, machete, Claymore mine, smoke grenades, one gallon of water, zip ties, alice pack.

Photo caption: Explosive Laden: RT New York One Zero John St. Martin carried a claymore mine in his chest pouch and a chain-like detonation cord covered with steel washers for quick explosive ambushes.

Photo insert: Golf ball-sized V40 mini grenade.


  1. Gotta say, the detcord necklace with the washers is brilliant.

    1. Apparently an issue item - known as a linear mine.

  2. I'd love to see some comparison pictures of the gear used by jungle warfare special ops today. Awesome pictures.

    1. I never took any pictures, but I tell you what, I didn't carry that much ammo or explosives, close, but not that much. 13 30 rd mags 390 rounds compared to 430 in the picture (the one in the rifle is a 30) only two frags, a flashbang and a single smoke. I never carried det or C4, didn't want it. M9 pistol and 3 mags.

      But when you add the body armor, comms, other electronics, water, food and medical supplies, along with other assorted gear. I was carrying my body weight in gear some times. The best days were when you could leave a lot of that stuff on the truck.

    2. I'll never bitch about my 40 pound office man bag that I lug every day ever again.

      Cheers to you sir.