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The Walking Dead: Strangers

 Some standout dialog from this week's episode:

"I sent you away..." - Rick
"You said I could survive...you were right." - Carol
"I sent you away to this--and now we're joining you. Will you have us?" - Rick

"Now, I need you to hear what I'm about to say, ok? You are not safe. No matter how many people are around, or how clear the area looks, no matter what anyone says, no matter what you think--you are not safe. It only takes one second. One second...and it's over. Never let your guard down. Ever." - Rick to Carl (and his old 'Farmer Rick' self)

"We're strong--we both are. But we're strong enough that we can still help people. And we can handle ourselves if things go wrong. And we're strong enough that we don't have to be afraid...and we don't have to hide." - Carl to Rick (good message here)

"We push ourselves to let things go. And then we let some more go...and some more. Pretty soon there's things we can't get back. Things we couldn't hold onto even if we tried.' - Bob to Rick (referencing his past?)

"Rule number one of scavenging: There's nothin' left in this world that isn't hidden." - Glenn

Some thoughts/spoiler-ness:

The mysterious person watching the group was Morgan.

Not surprised to see the cannies back so soon. Rick was right in wanting to go back and finish them off...you can't let people like that live around you. It's like letting a rabid pack of wolves roam around your neighborhood.

Did Bob have a past with Gareth (cannie leader), that goes back prior to their brief convo in episode one? Seems they singled him out for capture. Bob has had a mysterious past for a while...not sure why he went outside and started sobbing to begin with. I thought he'd secretly been bitten by the bubbling corpse zombie, but apparently not. Guess we'll find out soon, since he may not make it a whole lot further into the season...

Some standout makeup effects for the water logged zombies. Behind the scenes footage showed some cool animatronics at work. The end result was very nasty. You'd want a loooong decontamination shower after swimming around in that muck.

Oh--and who hides suppressors in a fridge?

What'd you think about the episode? Anything I miss? Any speculation for next week