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Food Storage Win: Giant bucket o' Fruit Loops!

A 6 gallon bucket of generic Fruit Loops? Now that's survivin' the apocalypse in style. Thrown down some of that powdered milk and bro, you got yourself a mean bowl of cereal.

Emergency Essentials recently added these and they are honesty fairly tempting. Normal food can be a big psychological deal when dealing with tough times...especially for kiddos.

There's 100+ servings in one of these buckets, which is the equivalent to about 5 big boxes of cereal. We'd get a month of breakfasts for the family out of one of these pretty easily, but we have little kids. If you had a couple teenagers roaming the pantry, expect to get a long weekend out of one of these.

Not sure on shelf life - none is specified. 5-ish years plus would be my guess. They are mylar'd up with oxygen absorbers, and normal cereal shelf life is around a year to a year and a half, and that's in cardboard with crappy packaging.

For those who prefer slightly less dye and sugar in their breakfast cereals, they've got generic Cheerios and Frosted Flakes as well.

You could certainly DIY these up for less, especially with sales and buying generic. Add your own bucket, mylar bags and oxygen absorbers and you'd be good to go. Figure $15 in cereal, $5 bucket, $2 bag/oxygen absorbers (1 gallon sizes are appealing for a variety of reasons) and you could DIY up one of these cereal buckets for under $25. But, there's also something to be said about letting someone else do the work and do it right the first time, especially if you only want a bucket or two to put back.

Next question: When will they be getting generic Captain Crunch?